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The core source of income for ISIS is from oil deals, which they sell to nearby countries which are closer to territories seized by them. Falling oil prices pose a great impact on their targeted revenue, it means less money to buy weapons, less money to send recruited-loyalists on overseas missions. Soon ISIS will probably face a dry-out. Fallen oil price also means Russia’s pocketing less revenue from its main export, while still facing sanctions and recession. Alternatively this nemesis-crisis might default Putin to pull-out his soldiers out of Ukraine or from the troubled Syria.


Couple of months ago the US sent over 4,500 troops near the border of Russia, as they claimed; the troops are to conduct military exercises to nearby countries. Russia has being a pain for the US congress for many years; until now, Russia’s facing sanctions to the west-market for having involved itself in the Ukraine war.


The complete economic structure of Russia doesn’t benefit many American company or America itself; Russia only trade its oil and gas with the famous beast_ China; that means they trade in currencies which aren’t dollars. Again Russia’s one of the pioneers of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which again means; this concept of BRICS as a bank, does not benefits America itself or any American entity, or any West entity. BRICS is an alternative to the existing US-dominated World Bank and international Monetary Fund.” Quote from Mr.K.V.Kamath, President of BRICS. The concept of BRICS means countries involved-in keep some of their millions far-away from the eyes of the recently notorious-bank Goldman Sachs, which has branches in almost the entire planet.  Countries involved in BRICS will benefits greatly. These countries will trade more with each other; invest more with each other, with a currency that isn’t the dollar. Few years ago, the US lost the top spot as the major economic-power to China; it won’t play fair to regain that coveted spot.

Hacked emails have revealed how the US presidential-candidate Hillary Clinton was involved in dethroning the legendary Gadhafi; the man who had robust plans far than BRICKS, he had a dream for Africa; for all countries to have once currency, made in ‘gold’!, and for Africa to trade with overseas countries in gold!, that notion alone would have suck out every gold from the Wall Street; it would have enriched Africa to a standard that it was supposed to be. Overseas countries that buy oil, platinum, iron ore, cocoa, rubber and etc. would have being forced to begin buying in gold. Imagine South Africa to keep exporting it apples and getting paid in gold.

Believe this; in DRC, a country that has such an embarrassing poor-economy; the mighty-dollar’s so popular that you can use it to buy anything in every shop; it’s a ‘parce-par-tous’, meaning everywhere the dollar’s accepted. The dollar has the strongest value than the national currency.
Side-question: how did a French colonised country ended up having an American currency as its alternative currency.

Why do extremists want to kill Americans, American politicians like to, and, have always being interfering in people’s business. A quote form Ash Carter; US Secretary of State after deploying soldiers in Russia’s border; “The reforms were necessary to make the US military move to ‘agile’ area and able to address the five strategic challenges, namely: Russia, China, North Korea and the previously caged Iran.”
As believers, we have come to understand that this world will continuously face chaos, until our blissful kingdom comes.




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