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The transitional HYPE from secular Hip Hop to Christian Hip Hop

In embracing new changes in your life, does it require the act of redefining of yourself, the adaptation to the other side, with everything that it comes with it? When new believers embrace Christ and begin grasping the Christian lifestyle, though Christ will eventually amend them thoroughly; still, consciously they must take the journey of transforming themselves mentally, soulfully and literally if necessary. And your music preference’s also one of the factors take time through this process of metamorphosis.

It’s a tough challenge for every new believer to survive this transition, with secular music keep on re-inventing itself; continuously enticing to the ears. When the lyrics of your favorite songs or rappers are deeply rooted in your mind, in your speech, the cleansing journey won’t be an easy one.

Even if the Holy Spirit resides in you; it’ll take greater determination within yourself to overcome. When you begin to seriously study verses in the awesome-bible, pondering on each one of them, one significant verse is that which says; ‘love God with all your heart, with all your soul, and all your Strength,’ In loving God with all your heart; you’ll have to begin thinking of the things that pleases God as well as your soul; you’ll have to adjust your soul so that it compliment your heart’s desires. Meditating on this type of verses will empower you to earnestly visualize the image that God wants you to eventually become; his precious-son, his precious-daughter; the light, the salt, and your brother’s keeper.

Gladly by you embracing the essence of the Holy Spirit, and its sweet gifts; one does overcome the temptation and endure through the cleansing journey.

Thankfully born again Christians are producing good music for the soul, music in diverse genres; from non-mediocre Christian hip hop, to RnB, pop and soul.

Hip Hop music’s being enjoyed by almost every youth world-wide, and Christian Hip Hop music in the USA has evolved to a higher standard, with pioneer-rappers such as Trip Lee; whose also an ordained pastor, an author and a killer lyricist, to the tongue twister KB, the singer & rapper Tedashi ,NF, the talented Bizzle, GS; short for (I’m Doing Jesus) and Lacrae; the Grammy Award Winner and the co-founder of Reach Records, a label that houses some of the best rappers in the Christian Hip Hop industry. New artists in the game are the, CHH Female cyphers to South African rappers such as Mawat and Beast (the guy who recently featured with the talented Sfiso Ncwane on the song titled ‘iTemba’).

Christian Hip Hop music’s above standard, lyric-wise and beat-wise, but few songs are just that…uninspiring.

With the relief of these faithful rappers and singers, and even poets; born gain Christians will easily adapt to the kingdom life style nowadays and of course through the help of the Holy Ghost.

LINKS OF SOME OF THE BEST SONGS: KB-Crown&Torns. TripLee:SweetVictory…., Like That Though…,No, tedashi:Jump Out the Whip, Lacrae: background, CHH Female cyphers.



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