Statistically China’s current population is 1,357 billion; teenagers and children comprise of 424 million, assuming that number would be the citizens which would not participate in the election.

Nevertheless, the voting would take days. China’s IEC officials would have being exhausted while trying to capture more than 900 million voters. Hysterically _even with the advanced Chinese technology; if they were using an electronic voting system, the system would crash at some point. Leaving voters stranded. The computerized-system would freeze; stuck in a limbo of questions: [SYSTEM-ALERT] “Lee Xiang again?”


If people were to vote, which means the transition would take place from communism to democracy, a system which Chinese leaders have being overlooking for years. The communist party elects its leader from time to time, without considering the views from each and every community within the entire republic. The system of communism began in China since 1921 and still going strong. The party owns most of the media stations; which means fueled propaganda goes to the Chinese population. The government controls every information that goes to its people.

Even the internet in China is censored. Social media such as Twitter and Facebook are blocked in China; nevertheless you can’t blame the Chinese government because these types of social media have being major mediums that were used during the Arab-spring in destabilizing Egypt, the then-great-Libya and so on. Chinese knows the West tactics and the West have being trying to study the Chinese and ways to control them.



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