Kingdom heritage academy’s a Christian primary-school situated near Point Rd; now known as Mahatma Gandhi Rd, the school is on Masobiya Mdluli St which ends in Mahatma Gandhi Rd, just opposite the Wheel Shopping Center.

While the enemy has being integrating himself from campuses to high schools, in keeping-on disrupting individual’s lives. Primary schools are no exception. Fortunately Kingdom heritage’s one of the Christian schools to uphold the foundations of Christian values and lifestyle to children; through it academic structure which consists of biblical principles, giving special attention to each learner; for both fast and slow, while abiding by the constitution.

This school has being here for sixteen years,” said Mrs H; the principal of this precious school. “Only two of our teachers attend the church’s Sunday service here, but the rest attends elsewhere and they are Christians,”

Mrs H said the challenges which the school faces are; “language, culture and different belief,” Obviously foreign children who are new in the country and attend the school faces challenges in adjusting to learn in English. And in regards to different belief; the school does not priorities enrolling Christian learners only, so non-Christian learners together with their parents who helps them doing home works are constantly challenged to adjust with the school’s Christian-learning-manuals, as the call them ‘paces’.

The school can only enroll 100 learners each year, and this limitation somehow provide teachers with the teaching-time to attend to each learner’s need in classroom, especially those who are slow, but also talented children are discovered; from dancers, singers, poets and preachers who mainly performs in the school year end function.

“The pass-rate is excellent; but from time to time, there are learners who fail to pass to the next grade and we do not condone them,”

The street which the school’s located on was known as a drug-trade zone by Nigerians for many of years. But now; all drug dealers have all being cleared from the street, even their bar which was owned by one of them, it has also being shut down. You can probably thank the police, and the church ministry which used to amplify the kingdom-echo by having services during Friday evenings.


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