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God’s Greatest plan of Demonstrating his Love Involves the Enemy

A visionary God, he knows your past, your present and certainly your future. But why did he allow the then most-powerful angel in heaven to get loose, invading the earth, causing chaos in it? This precious earth that God himself had marvelously designed.

Without a doubt, God foresaw the ending intentions of the enemy, but as we have come to witness, even in our own lives, and especially through Joe’s life; sometimes Almighty God allows certain situations to manifest so he can ultimately reveal his purpose and his amazing glory.

God had precisely orchestrated a plan to evident his grandeur love through the fall of the devil. In his plan, key-players had to be sacrificed. If He did not allow the devil to fall from heaven and come to cause distractions; we would have not experience the fullness of God’s love, this tender-love that he has for us, this kind of love that flaws through the holy spirit; it’s a soulful-joyous-weeping or either the joyous-laughter. Nevertheless we were created in his image; his after all a parent, a father, but a father so loving that he wouldn’t force his love on you. He loves you so much.

Furthermore God had to send his mighty-beloved-son on earth; to die, to become crucified so that we could gracefully grab the opportunity to reunite with God, to love him for what he did for us, his unconditional love.

From the beginning, God had to make huge decisions, the first sacrifice was letting go of the devil, and lastly the second was sending Christ on earth.

If a guy has genuine love for a girl; he’ll go the extra mile to prove it, especially back in the days. And ultimately living up to the cliche of if you want something you’ve never had before, you gotta do things you’ve never done before.

An alternative that God had was to impose his love on humans, and as we know_ imposing this ‘great emotion’ on people doesn’t always turn out good at the end. Everything God was saying to Adam seemed as a command; ‘Do this, do that, don’t eat there, eat here, and if he had to say love me Adam, you too Eve.’ they would have being confused, not knowing how, and why to love God. At the time Adam and Eve had not experienced true love themselves, they were the first match maker in history, and we can assume that they had not fallen in love with each other, nevertheless, they were obviously mesmerized by each other.

While we were embedded within Adam and Eve’s seeds, mighty God had to make a plan, to approach us like a true gentleman approaches a gorgeous lady; through the cross. And God had countless daydreams and visions about each one of us, to be together one day.


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