An America data scientist Caleb Harper, from MIT (Masachutes Institute of Technology) has discovered a solution to the current challenges of food shortages and the challenge that farmers are faced with in some countries, such as climate change; rainfall shortages,  African rivers being swallow-up by the ambitious sun. Harper theory is simple, to use aeroponics; a system that NASA pilots use in the space to produce food, using air and moisture to grow plants when they are busy-wondering in the space for months and months.

Harper uses an electronic-room which is electronically connected to computers, these computers then manipulates the electronic room with programed codes. Together with his team, he has grown plants such as broccoli, lettuce, spinach from his lab; they’ve eaten each sort of the plants they’ve produced on their farm, their plants comes with few ph balance. Each of these plants have a recognised IP address on the computers; the IP can tell the exact status of the plant, whether it’s ready to be eaten, or it requires few months or it’s just a baby. Every month His digital farm produces food for approximately 300 people.

Another attribute that had enforced his pursuit for this ambition is that; “Apples that Americans have being eating are simply little-ball-of-sugars,” stated Harper. The apples reach homes of consumers after 11 months from being picked, and during those months; all apples are kept in cold storages which have ‘gases’. “Apple reaches your home with 90% of the vitamins gone. People have reportedly died from collecting apples in those storages.”
‘Nevertheless the life of a farmer is stressful; apparently more farmers are committing suicide each year and when they die; their knowledge of farming goes with them. I we can engage with farmers, store their knowledge on our systems. Only a small number of people are farming for the whole 7 billion people. The youth are not really farming.’

Harper is one man who has found a solution to entice the modern-techno-savvy generation into farming; especially young people, he hopes his invention will attracts young people into farming.

Source: Tad Talk
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