Expo for suppliers & enterprises by Smart Procurement

Smart Procurement world hosted an Expo at the ICC for the development of suppliers and enterprises. The aim is to empower black businesses, particularly the small-medium enterprises, which are essential in the transformation and in the growth of the economy of South Africa.
The Expo is committed to advance business of entrepreneurs and supports business case for ESD initiatives in South Africa, helping develop sustainable, efficient and profitable enterprises that are able to grow the economy. It also promotes the economic motivations behind the new Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), and positions them as a tool for growth.


Profile of some of the businesses.


With branches in Durban and in Johannesburg; Megaphase is a 2011 winner of the SMME Fair, and the company is owned by a black women. They manufacture and supply road signs, they also make road marking with contracts to municipalities and to public and private clients.

Their motto is: “We are devoted to the manufacturing of cost effective products with great quality, integrity and service, while providing continued growth and profitability to our customers. We proudly put a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. And over the past 10 years, the company has developed a comparative advantage in the industry.”



Sombo aims to be an organizing partner of choice in promoting, managing and delivering.

Their motto is: “In each project we work with passion, creativity, professionalism, quality, value and commitment which culminates into growth and competitiveness in delivering service and solutions.”

Key activities: Conferences/ Seminars and Cocktail Parties
Corporate Gifts/ Promotional Items
Events; Road shows, Product Launches
Brand Activations in Festivals and Gateway Shows
Branding: Designing, Production Printing and Installations & Removals.



The company focuses in Catering, Draping and Decoration. They cater for both small and big functions; the company’s geared with professional chef to cater for different menus.

Company Motto: “To consistently provide high quality service to our clients. To provide meaningful hospitality service though passion and professionalism. To also keep abreast with the development of the industry for the growth of our company.”

They’ve worked with the Dep of Treasury, Office of the Premier
Dept. of Social Development, Dept. of Community Liasion & Safety. SASSA and Durban Metro.


Solani Investmenst Pty

They are a start-up, and they simply sell Ice.
I wonder if they could sell ice to an Eskimo though.

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The Expo had also training workshop which included
Procurement training
Introduction to Negotiating: top tricks and tips
Ethical considerations for buyers
Introduction to supplier relationship management: What you need to know
Introduction to leadership in Procurement
Sector Specific Supplier Matchup sessions
Construction, Engineering, Facilities, Logistics
Manufacturing / Agribusiness / Agri processing
Services & Retail
Resources- Petrochemical/Energy/ Mining
Knowledge Hub – Business Workshops
How to do business with Ethekwini Municipality
Growing your business through access to markets: why this is important?

How to do business with Rio Tinto
Using Supply Chain Finance to Finance SMMEs in Your Supply Chains
What do the new BBBEE codes mean for your business?
Small Business Incentives and Compliance
How to do business with Sun International&Sibaya Sun
How to use the Telkom Enterprise Development Office to access market opportunities
Procurement for Small Business – Basics?
Innovation around Supply Chain Management
How to do Business with Umgeni Water

Specialists in different industry gave their views and advice to SMME’s

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“The economy has to be led by black industrialists. Nevertheless black entrepreneurs need to stop being consumers; ‘Let make our own products!’ Imagine a cocoa farmer’s child in Nigeria waiting for chocolate to be made in overseas then he can have it. ” Nomphumelelo Maisela

“At Telkom we are using SMME’s to cut cost, because it there’s fewer competitors in a certain skilled industry, you find price always goes up. So by using SMME’s who have expertise, it allows our company to cut cost in ‘double’.” Litha Kutta

“If your enterprise is a supply chain, you then must work with small business; If my company SABS invest R20 million in you, I want to know how much of that percentage will go to smaller supplier, SMME’s.” Octavia Phukibye from SABS

Mss Nombuso Msomi from King Shaka International said that, the airport’s reaching to smaller suppliers and businesses. Lately huge complains has being that the airport’s to ‘clean’ and ‘intimidating’ for these suppliers and businesses. So we are trying to break the ice, invite them to rent our shops, whilst assisting them through the five years’ contract to expand to other parts of our industry.

One key challenge that smaller suppliers and businesses face is when dealing with municipalities, who always cash in during the last five days of the end of each month, and they take time to pay their suppliers, sometimes it can take even six months, and many of these smaller business end up closing down due to insufficient cash flaw.
So here is where Master Card comes in; “it assists municipalities and even corporations to pay their suppliers before or on time so that everybody remains happy, it assists in T and E spend. Also having a master card qualifies you for many benefits.” Vanitta Govender.



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