The US secretary of state John Kerry met with Hollywood film makers few months ago to find ways to stop ISIS’ propaganda, which is merely directed to the youth. Yet, the reason why ISIS militants are ruthless is that they’re against the double standard that comes with western democratic system.

John Kerry’s a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG); an organisation which is responsible for overseeing any ‘US government-sponsored non-military overseas media output’. Literally it’s there as a medium to enforce overseas propaganda to blinds those who are naïve and unaware of the US dealings. Just like how the apartheid government in South Africa was using different media-mediums to brighten the image of its cold-hearted ways and its laws in Mzanzi.
The meeting between John Kerry and Hollywood was organised by Jeff Shell; the chairman of Universal Studio, apparently he’s also the chairman of BBG, and a former president of one of the divisions of the ‘infamous Fox Network’. Jeff oversaw Fox cable-Network-Groups; which included Fox entertainment and sport programmes. Fox news was a pioneer broadcaster in re-enforcing the propaganda during the war on terror; they were focusing on commentaries instead of reporting the actual news on the ground.
Haven’t these Hollywood filmmakers learnt anything from the incident of Charly Hedbo in Paris?
This isn’t the first time that Hollywood has being making movies to portray the USA as the victim, from the films of capturing Osama Bin Ladin,to Sadam Usain, to countless films about fighting Arabs rebels, from America Sniper in 2014, Zero Dark Thirty in 2012 and Lions of Lambs in 2007. A recent one is titled; 13 Hours, screened in 2016.
I assure you, Buckle up and expect another movie about how the USA fought and won the war on terror, the same country that had once ignited it.
We grew up watching the ‘heroic’ films of Rambo and Chuck Norris. Well, making movies like these has always being an approach from the US in using propaganda to hide their deadly agenda.
You may question yourself, well, how come ISIS’s fighting in Syria which is a state governed with no democratic methodologies?
Syria is a targeted region to contribute to the ‘vision’ of the Islamic State, and apparently Syria has massive revenues, which if it were to be in the hands of ISIS, it would enrich them forever. Syria mainly exports its refined petroleum, seed oils, raw sugar, wheat, raw cotton, refined copper, calcium phosphates, sheep and goats and lastly apples and pears to Egypt, with an estimated amount of $274 million, $255 to Jordan, $175 to Lebanon and $84.4 to Turkey.


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