The Gospel through Comedy

‘To walk into your purpose; know your why and what,’ says Michael Junior. A Christian-comedian; anointed with the gift of using his humour for the glory of God.

Michael is a member of the Gateway People Church in the USA and currently he resides in Southern California. He’s being touring the United States performing his stand-ups, and recently he sold-out a show in Castle Rock, CO.
He simply makes Christians jokes, but his ultimate purpose is at the end of some of his performances where he get to incorporate the message of the gospel by emphasising the hard-fact that, us as the people; our lives are like houses, and some of us have kept Jesus outside of our house, either he was in all of your rooms, but now he’s just in one; he’s standing outside with no intentions of forcing his way in. “ Lots of people don’t open the door because their house is in a mess, they’ve being trying to clean it up but still they can’t. Jesus is standing outside with a bucket and a mop in his hand,” Michael further elaborates. Then he ends with an altar call; ‘If I’m talking to you, and you know your house in a mess, everyone is closing their eyes, so put your hand up and say this with me…’
‘Finding a purpose in life is still a challenge for many believers and unbelievers, and like Michael; the discovery of his purpose wasn’t a smooth ride.’
Michael simplifies the meaning of purpose in two words, your why and your what, His ‘why’ is to inspire people, his ‘what’ is through comedy and writing. He certainly has found his purpose in life and in Christ. Finding a purpose in life is still a challenge to many believers and unbelievers, and like Michael; the discovery of his purpose wasn’t a smooth ride. During his schooling years in primary, he struggled reading words, so eventually he came up with the system of identifying all possibly meaning which can be related to that word, and that’s how up to today, he utilise the same technique to find materials for his comedy-shows, by exhausting all possible outcomes in a situation and finding the hidden humour.
One of his jokes goes like this; “If you were Jesus’s brother you must have had a lot of pressure. One of Jesus brother was James, people telling him why can’t’ you just be like Jesus….no bracelet was ever made about what would James do.”

No undisputed questions about pastors with great sense of humour though, the likes of Bishop T.D Jackes, Pastor Chris Hill, Drew land from Glenridge international Church here in Durban and etc. Michael’s just another exceptional individual who has found his purpose in life through Christ.
Christian comedy is not so new in America; mega churches with mega events have being inviting comedians to their events. These kinds of events are some of the best places for comedians such as Michael to accomplish his life-purpose by incorporating the notion of the ‘messy-house’. Surely he doesn’t do this on his other shows when touring the country, and surely on these shows that’s where he manipulatively uses the cliché of laughter as a medicine.


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