A group of youth from a multiracial organization called Izwelethu, stormed the Gateway precinct on Youth day, by protesting for trans-formative rights.

These days if alarming things happens and you don’t do something about it; it means you are part of the major problem. The youth from Izwelethu are saying we would not dare to remain idle. Izwelethu’s a new passionate movement which combines dedicated-Christians fellows from vibrant churches and non-Christians fellows around Durban.

Their facebook profile description says: ‘We are a collective of people ready to engage with every area of society on the need for radical transformation in South Africa. We call for justice, restitution, restoration, decolonization and ultimately deep reconciliation in our nation!’

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Their theme ‘All black’ symbolizes the hurt from the humongous-percentage of population in this country which is still crippling them daily.40 years later the echoes of the youth, their concerns and cries for a better nation need to be heard. The pictures convey most of the ‘message’.

“We are specifically protesting in Umhlanga precinct because many of the privileged individuals both black and white are living in this area, we want to disturb their conscious with regards to things that are happening inside their neighbors homes, and neighborhoods throughout the country; especially the majority of the population of this country who are black.” Said Ntobeko Mzolo, one of the protesters standing below.



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Future plans for this movement is to have a huge event where dialogue will be conducted, a panel of speakers will be speaking and answering questions on matters that needs immediate attention, the movement currently has 691 likes on Facebook and with a progressive followers on their blog.


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