The 2016 Mercury Wine Week was held at Greyville in Durban in the Champions Room; one of the overlooking venue on the golf course. The Wine Show brought a wide variety of 47 wine brands from throughout Mzansi. This was an event not to be missed by wine lovers were you get to freely taste wines that you’ve never get your hands on and you get to buy those that you spontaneously fall in love with.
If you’re not a regular wine shopper like me; the Zulu Rum is the one outstanding wine that knocked my senses out, it captures your taste buds with a special African flavour that you savour.
For those who are forever vegetarians, the Chakalaka Wine will do for you; it contains a flavour of veggies; this one will complement your vegetarian life style.

Checkers and Shopright was also exhibiting, showcasing their knockout collection of their favourite wines, and their choices of cheese(s).
Carese Marine wine collection has been the favourite brand at Greyville events, it collection consists of Merlo, Semi sweet and Savinion Blanc.
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