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Should the overpopulated Lagos city adopt China’s one child policy?

Lagos city’s so congested and overcrowded that it always causes traffic in certain popular streets. While natives from rural regions continuously flock in the city for better economic opportunities and for better life style, they’ve recognized the economical potential of Nigeria’s biggest cities.

Nigeria economy has overtaken South Africa and it has become Africa’s largest economy. Yet Lagos is getting overcrowded year by year and it’s alarming. Nigeria’s problem is the world’s problem; analysts have predicted that by 2030, certain overpopulated nations will fall short of fresh water, overpopulation massively increases global worming; more people and so more carbon dioxide get released while more cows emits more methane to the sky.

For Nigeria to fully adopt China’s strategic method, the government will have to assimilate an authoritative concept like China. But China has been successful in implementing this method because China’s not a Christian nation, 98 per cent of it population practices Buddhism. Though Nigeria’s government have being issuing free contraceptive method; big churches such as the Roman Catholic and the Islam community have rebuked the practice.

Dr.Eloundou_Enyegee worries that the rich and educated families are reducing to invest in ranging ‘quality’ children while poor people continue to have many offspring. This increases divisions between the haves and the have not. “You have a system with a large degree of inequality it’s hard not to be playing lottery because it increases chances that one chid will succeed.”

Africa has the fastest growing economy and the rapidly growing population in its countries; with migration that’s taking place from north to south, west to south, east to central and south.

Overpopulation is becoming the world’s problem. While international investors and companies shave being flocking in Nigeria’s big cities, to capitalize on the booming economy, yet the currently unmanageable overpopulation triggers unequal lifestyle and slow development for the poor in the city.

Quote source: www.everythingconnects.org/overpopulations-solutions

picture source: http://queenbeeedit.com/human-overpopulation




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