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The thin line between propaganda and the truth is so evident in analyzing South African politics. What we continue to see is opposition parties and certain media using this strategy to get rid of President Zuma and the legendary ANC out from governing SA. The thin line has been blurred by lies. Only the analytic-minds can spot it.

The current circulated propaganda that president Zuma is corrupt is potently attributed to the business relations of his son, Duduzana and one of the Gupta’s brothers, a business relationship which was to give black ownership to Duduzane so that the company could have leverage on the BEE opportunities. There are so many security companies nowadays which are registered under Zulu names, but the owners of those companies are white and Indians.

If you think that the overnight cabinet reshuffle had triggered the downgrade, think again, South Africa had escaped the downgrade in late 2016, and whenever Pravin Gordhan would get replaced the rand went down. A handful of people are behind the stability of the rand. Why was the downgrade announced just days after the replacement of Pravin?

Pravin and his deputy were sacked because of the SARS’ issue and probably because they did not seem too keen in implementing the ‘Radical economic transformation’ agenda, which includes the government taking over charge of treasury, an institution which issue license of new banks and has so much power, yet in the private hands. Currently this institution seems to be run by individuals who are bias.

In regards to the appointment of ministers, since we now have insight through the Guptas emails that they have software which let them know about government contracts, could they also have hacked into the communication channel of the president which gave them Intel on the appointment of Mr Zwane before he was appointed. And that probably why the Guptas were trying to get to him because of the opportunities they could get from him.

The emails have only implicated this ex-minister for now. No emails have shown that the Guptas have been giving instructions or offering consultancy to the president.

Can you now start to see the thin line between propaganda and the truth?


The sensationalism behind the Nkandla scandal has also been electrified to a point were up to now, only few South African citizens can understand that the president did not directly take tax payers’ money.

A verdict by the court and the ex-public protector had concluded that Zuma was not found guilty of ‘stealing the money’, the court concluded from the public protector’s report Nkandla judgement review that the president had benefited from the overall security upgrades at Nkandla and he was ordered to pay back an estimated amount of what his family home had benefited from the upgrades. What ordinary citizens don’t understand is that whenever a ew president is sworn in, their home is eligible for security upgrade by the government, and the government takes charge of those upgrades, not the president. The misfortune at Nkandla escalated from the malpractice of the architect, the contractors and primarily the changing of the project managers.

The bias media has never shown any evidence that president Zuma had instructed the ex CEO of Eskom to grant contracts to Guptas’ owned Coal Company. We can let that sink in for now, while the leaked or hacked emails are still been scanned through. Nevertheless the Guptas seems to have been over ambitious and they started corrupting individuals while having an insight into government tenders. It seems like Mr Brian Molefe was just caught up between his integrity and trying to be an excellent CEO by favoring Oakbay which begin supplying cheap coal to Eskom, compare to the other suppliers.

If certain South Africans are looking for someone to blame regarding the current SA economy, they should blame the ex-Finance Minister for not doing his job properly to strengthen SA’s economy instead of borrowing more and more money while increasing SA’s debt.

The votes of ANC MP’s on the recent secret-ballot have shown that they understand something which they voted upon, something which is not only based on their loyalty to the party. Propaganda is a worldwide tactic and South Africans should be cautious of it, not only are opposition parties entertaining it but also certain media.





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