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DRC: Another captured State

State capture is a big statement, if a state is captured it would mean the captures (s) have some sort of leverage on the head of state, and possibly on its security. DRC is apparently captured because, with all its riches, the country nor its people have never enjoyed the richness it possess for even a single peaceful decade. Caucasians who knows about the richness in the country, from minerals such has cobalt, coltan, diamond, gold, rubber, oil and gas which amount to trillions of dollars, these individuals and representatives of companies and government seems to not wanting Congo and it people be.

DRC is a complex story, with multiple actors and a myriad foreign interests that continue to interfere, intervene and enjoy the lucrative fruits of anarchy.

Europeans who were evicted by the let Mulumba in the 60s were not happy, and likewise the representatives of foreign governments and companies in the country.

The wealthiest country in Africa, DRC_ is captured by Caucasians and they have not been using missionaries like in the old days when their uncles and fathers had captured Africa. They are now using double-faced personnel and entities like the UN. Yep, the UN is one of the biggest sell-outs of the Congolese people. For 17 years the UN peacekeepers have been in that country and they have never stabilized the country together with DRC’s military.

DRC says election pressure due to foreign ‘greed’ for cobalt

Recently an announcement was made that the election to replace notorious Kabila who is captured, has been postponed to December 2018, the postponement is due to what_ logistical problems in violence troubled east regions. Currently, a group of foreign rebels called Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), which is dominated by Ugandan Muslims members ,have been causing trouble in the volatile region since 2014, what! Since 2014, and, the UN have never seem to stabilize the east region nor the country ever since other despicable foreign rebel groups begun invading the country’ susceptible regions.

The UN reported 700 deaths of Congolese nationals since this group made appearance.

My question is_ why would an allied-democratic group begin killing Congolese nationals, it neighbors?  Again why would a Ugandan rebel group even dare to invade a country which isn’t significantly important to them? While it sole mission was to try to rescue them. There is no justification for such killings. The ADF doesn’t have double standards, no, it simply doing what it was meant for, to keep on destabilizing the peace in the country.


Allies forces in Syria were not killing Syrians, they were killing IS militant. If you’ve been keeping up to date with the war in Syria you’ll already know that other rebel groups in Syria were helped by the US and Europeans government, these rebels were given weapons and etc. This same strategy of the US and Europeans government of financing and supporting local militants was used in the Arab Spring and it was used to get rid of Qaddafi, which left Libya to be a sorry-state.


Do your research and you’ll encounter rebel-groups after groups who have invaded DRC’s vulnerable regions in the past years. The bloody UN peacekeepers are to be ashamed of themselves, what peace to attested to, 17 years have gone and the UN have never trained enough Congolese personnel to guard the country’s vulnerable regions. These pop up of rebel groups and their snippets of violence are just there to keep the agent of US and Europeans government_ the UN, in the country, while no rational-national security agenda is implemented and whilst the country is continuously been looted by greedy foreign entities.


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