The Elephant Over My Continent

With so many snippets of racism that keeps popping up all over the globe, from within Urban cities in the United States, to South Africa were certain individuals were protesting against the removal of Rhodes statue, and from NBA to UEFA. The elephant over my continent or rather over the black race is the unspoken notion that blacks; either Africans or African Americans are still inferior in many levels of life, compared to all other races. Looking at the ancient fashion, our white (Caucasians) and African elders had simple outfits, especially during the ice age; they all wore ‘animal skin dresses’. The uncomfortable ice age had inspired many ethnic groups in creating outfits to keep them worm, keeping in mind that overseas continents were all greatly affected by the ice age, excluding Africa and probably Australia. Even today you can still see and feel the legacy of the great-ice. The Neanderthals (early natives of Eurasia) are the half ancestors of westerners, though it might be a conspiracy theory. Nevertheless they were closely linked to homo-sapiens. They were inspired to design worm clothes from animal skins. Westerners were continuously facing the cold weather throughout the years, while Africans were not in need of any worm outfit made from animal skin due to the known worm-hot and humid climate over African States; a piece of animal skin covering the private area was sufficient for both male and females. After the ice age, westerners were then probably inspired to begin developing stylish clothing suitable for the weather; different class within a community with different style, the higher the status the more elegant an outfit or a dress would be. Circumstances around pushes one to be creative, it may be challenges you face inside you or in your environment; it may be poverty, inequality but you dare look for other survival ways. So eventually time passed and westerners become potentially advanced in fashion. Our great-great uncles from the opposite race, after visiting Africa, extended they welcome and they viciously and heartlessly colonized Africa and our great-great grandparents; our fathers and their tribes became traumatized, contacts between families, sisters and brothers was limited and destroyed, which probably ended-up decreasing the Ubuntu inter-actions which could have prevented xenophobia. Confused due to the savage, inhuman circumstances of slavery, great strong and creative man were abducted…some killed; funny though their ancestors and their gods did not warn them of the evil which was approaching, and it ponders a question, maybe after all, westerners have powerful gods. Though indigenous Africans are directly associated with fetish practices, witchcraft and spiritual healing, these practices are some of the major keys which Africans are looked down-on, on the lower rank, the magic of the western world is often overlooked; the Roman Empire and their gods, the Harry potter movies, vampire movies; movie called limitless, magicians, the facilitation between the dead and their living families, the illusionists, devil worshipers. All mentioned acts showcase the dark-spiritual side of westerners, which was hidden in Television and broadcast media for years and years before the 20th century, brainwashing generations and generations by portraying indigenous Africans as the only ethnic group that practice fetishes acts, leaving out native Chinese, Indians and etc. Racial tension still exist purely because of ignorance and pride. So; less respect’s given to a man who has being ignoring his great-great grandfather’s shadow, and the one who has being acknowledging his father’s, though they may or may not follow through, they walk with pride. During 19th centuries, other races had massively advanced in culture, in education and in economics, while Africans were still enslaved from inside-out, mentally and physically, from within and out of their continent. The room for creativity slowly diminished from their minds. The criminality that African States faced: the crime of slavery and colonialism still echoes on the corners of the streets on my continent and out there somewhere in overseas. African people are still continuously looked down, being considered unequal compared to the creative and dominant first world countries. Gone and forgotten is the potential of Timbuktu stock-trade. We are from the same tree, all people; unfortunalty Africans were left way behind; during colonialism, and in catching up; inequality and poverty remains the dominant challenges.